Ridiculous Protestor Yells After Wisconsin Electoral Vote

“This is my America! This is my America!” – It sure is, but its also the America for more than 100 million other people who took part in a vote. You can’t just have it your way because it makes your heart happy. That’s not what a democracy is. In truth, “This is OUR America” and we live with the election results…

Or we can bitch and whine about the results like a little fucking baby. What’s hilarious is that the people of Wisconsin fairly elected Trump. The only thing that would be wrong would be casting your vote opposite of the PEOPLE.

PS: Nice outfit. You might have went a little heavy on the purple. And those bangs need cleaned up.

PSS: Can you imagine if Trump supporters did this? The media would destroy them and call Trump out for fueling the anger. And this goes for both sides. If Hillary would have won any Trump person behaving like this would be dumb.

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