Did The Kicking Duo of Grayson Allen & Draymond Green Just Become Best Friends?

If we’re going to constantly bash Draymond Green for his ridiculous kicking problem, we better call out Duke’s Grayson Allen as well. I also thank Grayson for being white and doing this. Equality is important and we can’t have any racial profiling. Grayson made sure of that last night.

This kid has a serious problem. He did this on two other occasions last year as well. And thankfully, Duke has suspended him indefinitely. His whiny faced bitch fit on the bench didn’t help either. Hey Grayson, that was the most obvious trip/kick I’ve ever seen. It’s 2016 – there are dozens of cameras to catch this shit.

It is nice to see Allen apologize though.

“I made a really bad play. I’m sorry to him, Santa Ana,” Allen told reporters after the game. “I’m sorry to the officials who had to call that. I’m sorry to my team. It was selfish and taking away from them. I’m not proud of that at all.”

That’s more than Draymond can vouch for…

Draymond Kicks

Draymond Kicks Again

Did Grayson and Draymond Just become best friends?


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