I Love Kevin Durant More & It Sucks

I hate the Warriors. Watching them lose to the Cavs AGAIN on Christmas was magical. It was also magical to hear what Kevin Durant had to say about the final “no call” in the game.


And now I’m upset because I should hate KD like the rest but that statement makes it impossible. It’s refreshing to hear a Warrior not bitching but it’s also super confusing. I thought that’s what they did? Can you tell we hate them? This tweet was also after a few Grey Goose drinks so…


Of other note, I agree that reviewing the final two minutes is ridiculous and unfair for the refs. We can critique if we want but the league shouldn’t pile on with a formal review and press release.

You be the judge of the final play… I think it looks squeaky clean. Also this clip is like groundhogs day for the Warriors. Kyrie just digging into their hearts.

This is also savage from Cleveland Sports Newspaper



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