Sorority Recruitment Video Beer Drinking Game – Made By Us, For You

We are more than halfway through “The Holidays” and my liver, head, and body are total shit at this point. I can’t even begin to explain all the consuming I’ve taken part in.

And another tradition of “The Holidays” is finding new games and activities to pass the time amongst friends and family while stuck indoors. So this season the Cheeseknuckles crew developed and discovered the ultimate beer drinking game.

We call it Sorority Recruitment Beer Drinking and the game is simple. Kick back and watch sorority recruitment videos with your buddies from YouTube for hours (Preferably from Southern or Western schools) and drink every time one of the following happen.

  1. You see a Jeep Wrangler – They are all over these video
  2. The girls flash their recruitment hand signal
  3. You see a shot of the football stadium
  4. You see a puppy or dog
  5. Glitter is blown into the air
  6. A school or sorority flag
  7. A drone zooms out and away from a scene
  8. The girls dance in a fountain or pool – Any body of water
  9. Chug a beer if you see a black girl – I shit you not. In 15 vides we saw one
  10. Something is sucked or blown (EX: Popsicle, suckers, or bubbles)
  11. Girls doing makeup
  12. Girls doing homework
  13. You see a girl in all white. So hypocritical – Pure my ass.
  14. You see a school mascot

Believe me, after the last few days we’ve watched 20+ videos on loop. They all follow the same format and I’m starting to think there’s a secret template they all use. Hell we are such experts that maybe we should open a production company. Also, the world famous and most common recruitment video remains the best. That’s the Alabama Alpha Phi vid. And in general, Alpha Phi Sororities offer the best images and production level overall. For looks – I would say you should stick to UCLA and USC. Real eye poppers out there. We also might do some extensive research and offer our “Top 10” of all-time at some point.

PS: Don’t watch BGSU or Toledo. Woof.

Alabama Alpha Phi

UCLA Kappa Kappa Gamma

USC Alpha Phi

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