We Are Back From The Holidays & Ready For 2017!

That’s right! As you can tell, we didn’t offer shit worth of value to the site since Christmas. It’s hard enough to get the others to contribute so I didn’t even try to motivate them during prime drinking season. Especially since they had a belly full of bourbon most days.

Overall, I’m excited for a new year. Even though I currently feel like shit. I don’t know if this makes sense but my chest feels like a chip got wedged in there sideways and it’s poking my esophagus. Total Holiday pains going on and I have no one to blame but myself.

From Christmas to NYE, we attended Ol Coyotes shows, hit up Bar Louie for New Years, had scores of friends over for liquors and beers, and played a shit ton of risk. (Uncle Stink finally won) Hell, I even dabbled with a little HALO slayer so it’s safe to say the Holidays were a success. But I’m eager to get back to our regularly programmed scheduling as 5 pounds of flab and weary eyes are taking a toll on me. One night I was up till 4:15 am. I haven’t done that since college and at 28 – that’s starting to hurt. So here’s to a New Year and the same me. Because fuck no, I don’t want to change a damn thing. Everything is perfect.

Oh and PS: 2017 is the year of love. If any ladies are interested, all members of the NEST are seriously looking for love. No more flings… wholesome long lasting love.

I would say NYE went well…


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