American Pharaoh Spread The Ultimate Seed & The Baby Horse He Made Is Majestic

American Pharaoh got his fuck on and the Champion produced a sure fire stallion of a youngling. But was there any doubt? That’s what Champs like me, American Pharaoh and Rick Muntz do. We win titles and reproduce with whoever we like.

Just look at his first foul. The thing is days old and already standing with leg muscles most 2 year old horses dream of having.


I have to imagine the horse will have a serious dick. Rick Muntz like. And in truth, that right there is just a downright beautiful creature. The ass cheek looks primed for the Kentucky derby and the hamstring (if that’s what they call them on horses) is fucking popping. I already know who my money is on for the race in 2-3 years…. No doubt. Even the trainer said he seems to be “Very bold” – GAME OVER


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