Charles Manson, Mass Murderer, Absolute Nut Job and……Rick Muntz’s Uncle? Moved to Hospital… Why?!

Apparently the 82-year old Mass Murderer, Charles Manson, is seriously ill and has been moved from an LA prison to the hospital… I can’t be the only one that thinks that this is fucking ludicrous. This guy is serving nine life sentences, let me repeat that, NINE life SENTENCES, plural! Serving those sentences for killing and instructing others to killing a shit ton of people and we’re going to waste money on him in jail and now at a hospital to keep the psychopath alive? Hard Pass! The dude needs to rot… Now the only thing worth keeping him alive is the comedic relief. The dude brings the funnies with his recorded interviews. If you haven’t seen this shit before it’s hilarious…

Also no offense to Rick Muntz but he had seemed to be rocking the same “Manson Murderer look” for a long ass time and finally got his shit together…Could they be related though? A distant Uncle Maybe?

Do you see the resemblance? ehhh maybe not… Sorry Rick if I offended you in anyway. I mean Manson has a fucking swastika between his eyebrows for god’s sake…

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