The Best College Football Playoff Format Ever

My friends and I have discussed this format for years, and yesterday Clay Travis laid it out on The Herd. Overall, I think the below example would be the best for the game, the players, and the competitiveness.

First, it should be an 8 team playoff with 5 automatic bid Conference Championship winners and 3 qualifying Wild Card options. Also, get rid of divisions in each Conference and end of year Conference Title Games.

Much like college basketball, I hate the end of season games that crown a winner as qualified for the BIG dance. A regular season champ who has shown a consistency throughout should be crowned. Not some gimmick one, two, or three game winner who  struck some luck for a week or two. Additionally, Divisions should be ditched as they’re nothing more than Geographical chance. It sucks when you see the SEC West and the BIG Ten East so loaded while the other side is handed a free pass.

But then again what do I know, right? It is interesting to think about below… Clay breaks it down below. I agree 100%



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