As if Idris Elba wasn’t already a Bad Ass, he took it a step further…

iejbIdris Elba…Ever heard of him? I hope so, this dude is an absolute stud. I’m starting to
think if I were to be any actor in the world, he’d be my second choice, behind my dawg Robert Downey Jr. of course. Elba was actually thrown in the hat of names to play the next James Bond, which would make him the first ever black James Bond and the dude would kill it.

But it seems that Idris is stepping away from the big screen and trying his hand at something new these days. He’s doing a 12-month documentary on becoming a kick box fighter. Its a test against himself to see what he can become, the title of the show is “Fighter” here’s the trailer that I have yet to watch until I post this article. It may have Ted and I inspired to take those boxing classes that I ranted about this past year. We really should take a look into boxing as these dudes get so fucking shredded it’s ridiculous.

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