Coming Soon: The Nest Hits The Slopes

That’s right Knuckleheads. January 19th the Nest will be partaking in a trip to the one and only Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY. We will celebrate a fun filled weekend with Beers & Liquors, friends, and spleen splitting jokes.

Most of The Nest will be skiing while I will be boarding… I love to challenge myself. I can’t wait to dust those ski turds up and down the mountain, “eat powder bitches, time for me to get my nut.” I tell ya Knuckleheads, I got some scene playing out in my head… picture this.

J-hoe dropping out of a Chopper onto the fresh powder below as he attempts to conquer the toughest track the mountain has to offer. Look at him as he cuts through the mountain like a hot knife through butter. What’s this, it looks as if he is going for a double front flip 780 twist with a dick smacker combo… no way?  

Yes way, he stuck it!!!


Stink and TED will look something like whats shown below

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And it's a Monday!!!

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