2 Of My 3 Super Bowl Teams Are Alive And I’m Going To Be Rich!

I placed three Super Bowl bets and 2 of them have survived.

I put money on the Lions, Packers, and Falcons to win the Super Bowl

Saturday night we unfortunately watched Ol Coyotes Lions bite the dust. It was a sad affair as the entire group got together at the bar for a celebration. Instead it was a slow and steady death. The Lions gradually lost and Ol Coyote resorted to whiskey after whiskey drink.

However, on Sunday the super hot Packers claimed a victory and I remain alive. They are one of the hottest teams right now and I really believe they might win the whole damn thing. Especially with Rodgers playing so much better than Brett Favre ever dreamed of playing. I would also love to see Rodgers get another ring and put himself ahead of Favre.

As for the Falcons. Matt Ryan is quietly having an MVP like season. Their offense will give them a chance and no one is talking about what a great season they have had… which means I like my chances.

As we head into the next round, prayers up for the Pack and the Dirty Birds. I need this to close out an otherwise terrible football betting season.


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