Odell Beckham Can Be A Bitch But A Trip To Miami Wasn’t A Bitch Move

Odell took a trip to Miami last Monday ON HIS DAY OFF and a majority of the world got pissed off about it. Sure, the CD album looking picture he snapped, along with the blunt in his hand weren’t the best look, but a trip to Miami on his day off shouldn’t be a big deal.


This is a grown ass man (Who can admittedly act like a child at times) taking a trip to the warm weather in Miami 6 days before a playoff game. Nothing about that trip can correlate to his poor showing against the Packers last night. I believe it had more to do with the zero degree temperatures and a quality game plan by the Packers secondary.

Odell also did what most people do on their off days. They do what they want. Shit, you should see me from Friday through Sunday. I’m a booze hound tossing back drinks. And if most of us could afford a private jet to Miami for a day during the winter, we would partake in the very same activity.

The only downfall  is that Odell opened himself up to criticism, right or wrong, that a poor game at Green Bay was a result of that trip. Like piranhas, the media was ready to run with this story. And that wrongful criticism is part of the job… Though it doesn’t make what he did wrong in the first place.

PS: I bet he was so high.


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