Clemson Vs. Bama Was Incredible

Well, that game was something else, wasn’t it? Except for the constant stoppage and pointless reviews that extended the game to more than four hours I loved it. It’s about time college football keeps a running clock on first downs just like the NFL. There’s enough stoppage already.

Overall, I think its safe to assume that a majority of the country was happy to see Clemson win in the final second. It’s good for college football and frankly, we were tired of Bama. Saban is King but Dabo claimed the throne for at least a year. He was masterful all season and I would argue he’s now the 3rd best college coach in America behind Saban and Urban.

Ultimately that game had it all – A rematch from last year, incredible talent on both sidelines, a prized QB in Watson, Hercules at RB, a classic defense in Bama, controversy (See ND vs. FSU 2014 to feel my pain), and a small walk on white boy named Hunter Renfrow from Clemson as the hero. We can thank the Patriots for the white boy emergence over the last couple years. Shit, Hunter looks to be 12 years old and despite that he will never be carded or pay for a drink at Clemson again. Babes for days.


In the end I’ve concluded that Dabo is a man I’d love to play for, or because my time has passed (and I’m not near good enough), have a beer with. Sitting around a campfire and throwing a few back with Dabo would be far more enjoyable than doing so with Saban.

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