John Shocklee aka Peter Pan, Living life to fullest…Makes you think what you’re doing with your life right?

I was on the social media outlets making my morning rounds to see what the world is up to before starting my work day here at Cheeseknuckles and at my actual job and I came upon this video that YETI had produced and presented. It’s about a guy who’s a ski guide that refuses to grow old and give into what people think is the acceptable walk of life. John Shocklee, 52, aka a modern day “Peter Pan” seems like a super fucking cool dude and I admire the way he’s able to embrace his carefree lifestyle and I’m actually pretty damn jealous of his minimalist living. Don’t get me wrong I could never live the way this dude does but he just seems so damn happy and who doesn’t want to be happy all the time?! The video speaks for itself and take in the beautiful surroundings.

I mean c’mon right?! That’s some pretty sweet shit if you ask me…Also the fact that YETI produced this video shows you that their products are much more quality than your Wal-mart knock off brands “they do the exact same thing for 1/2 the price” I don’t fucking care, I want the YETI brand bitches!

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