Booty Debate -Ass Man J-Hoe & The Nest Learn It’s All About Preference

All morning we’ve debated asses via text and what makes the perfect #BootyTreat. Our conclusion – It’s all about preference. There’s no right or wrong answer, but there’s certainly many options. Sure, all of us would agree that this is ideal…


However, when an ass falls on either side of the pendulum (Large or Small) which would you prefer? Personally, I enjoy a handful. Something that rumbles. Something that turns heads in a room and narrowly fits through a doorway. A real “Midwest” Wisconsin like ground and pound/ play action style. Whereas, others in our discussion prefer a tight rump, and a smaller frame. A more fast paced “Oregon Offense” design. Nobody is wrong…that’s the beauty. There’s literally an option for everyone. So here’s a poll – Now keep in mind, these two are far extremes. A super small dumper and a heavy load dumper. Again, we would all prefer the top (Clemson offense), but if you had to make a selection based on small or large, which of these two below would it be?

3 thoughts on “Booty Debate -Ass Man J-Hoe & The Nest Learn It’s All About Preference

  1. If I had to choose between the two, i’d go with the Big Ass (left pic) no doubt about it. Maybe it’s because i’m from the south or because i’m hispanic but the lady on a jog seems way more attractive than the lady who’s butt is smaller than mine (and I have a rather tiny butt I must admit).


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