A Boob Exposing Fashion Trend We Can All Support

I dabbled with a bit of the Golden Globes the other day. I also occasionally catch a few scenes of VanderPump Rules… and I’ve recently noticed (Quite easily) that a new fad is taking women by storm. That fad is the extremely low cut that exposes exquisite breasts. I swear, this cut is getting deeper and deeper and I’m not here to complain. Just look at these celebs from the Golden Globes. The beauty of this style, from what I can tell, is that even women that aren’t so “lucky” can make it look good. Just call me Gianni Versace from now on.


I’m also just throwing in Katy Perry because my god…

This shit is crazy. Not only are we getting top cleavage, but we’re also getting some serious side cleavage. And here is VanderPump  Rules Ariana Madix. (A personal fav) I think 2017 is the year of boobs & Love


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