The Chainsmokers just pump out the hits, It’s unreal! Disclaimer though…

Ted actually showed us this beat earlier. “Paris” is the latest single from the Chainsmokers and god damn it, they done it again! They just pump out bangers and I’m sure they have some hidden treasures saved on their hard drives but this is what they’ve selected to share with our talentless asses. Ted did make one great point, the guy who sings from the group(I don’t have the desire to look up their names) can’t sing worth shit…he pulls a Sam hunt and just talks his way through the song. Way to show your range, dude doesn’t change pitch whatsoever just the volume of his voice. And one more thing they can’t write a song without throwing in a large recognizable City name in the lyrics. Quite the recipe they have written up for the music we ooh and ahh over. Without further ado, “Paris”:

One more thing, the nest are a bunch of suckers for any music video with a chick in a bikini showing off the booty on the beach. It just works…It just works.

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