Sunday Gambling, Sunday Scaries, & Sunday Laughs

Sunday was one for the ages, especially since it had two incredible football games. To kick things off right we grabbed two cases of Ice Cold Busch Light and placed our bets for the games at hand.

The first bet was the Packers over the Cowboys. Now, I’m taking credit for this one as all the guys wanted the Cowboys. However, luckily they listened to me, their fearless leader, and cashed out handsomely. On the other hand, we all placed $10 on the game going to overtime for a $90 payout and let’s just say the final seconds were gut wrenching to watch. This kick is going wide left until god flipped us the bird and blew it back. The movement of the ball goes against physics. They’re playing indoors with no wind!

For game two the other fellas let their money ride and they took the Steelers. In this case I applaud them as I stressed the Chiefs over and over. I’ve trained them well, and they won out again. At this point J-Hoe’s venmo is heavy with virtual dollars and the boys are happy as hell…

As for the rest of the day. Uncle Stink was laughing so hard that he cried.

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