Oregon Players Hospitalized After Grueling Workout

Apparently there’s a new sheriff in town at Oregon and the players can’t keep up with the workouts. As the new head coach, Willie Taggart worked the shit out of his players which forced three of them into the hospital.

The sources said that some players “passed out” and others later complained of discolored urine, which is a common symptom of rhabdomyolysis. After testing, others were found to have highly elevated levels of creatine kinase, an indicator of the syndrome.

The three players are said to be in “fair” condition and recovering from the hospital. To which all I can say is damn! Sounds like Taggart came in to clean house. It also sounds like someone else I know…


Champions must pay the price! And water makes you weak! Good news though: Taggart met the three players before quickly leaving the state for a recruit. Can’t stop grinding. Maybe the players will learn.

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