The Winter Brewfest was a huge success!

dinkPacked house at Fifth Third Field this past Saturday night and boy, oh boy did we enjoy ourselves! The brewski samples were flowing quickly as it was a bit cold out but nothing we didn’t already know was going to happen. Upon arrival we didn’t expect the turn out/line to be so long so we slid into Ye’ Old Cock N’ Bull for a quick pilsner before heading over.

We saw so many damn people we know it was like a big long lost friends reunion out there. Each booth had  4-8 different beers to test out and they had music bumping down both baselines once you reached left and right field. The heaters were pretty much lifesavers. I vogeldont’t want to be an ass here but girls don’t tend to dress real appropriately for these outdoor events… I’m complaining be cold if you’d like, ya look damn good, but ya gotta be cold sweetheart. One of our own wore what looked like a sweater and a bra. She knows who I’m talking about. “I’m fine, I swear” we weren’t buying her BS as we offered her gloves and scarves to salvage the situation. Couple of lady knuckleheads bought some 419 hats and that worked out perfect.

Only real bitching we can do is you get 15 samples and they have to punch your ticket for each beer. Pulling it in and out the pocket was a pain in the ass and freezing on the fingers. We always make the best of the situation, headed in to Frickers for some grub and bud light super tubes and the consumption really kicked up a notch. 5-6 tubes later, bellies filled with chili cheese fries and frickin’ chicken pizzas and the brisk outdoors felt like a day at the beach as beer coats were most definitely on. Shout out to all those who attended and made winter brewfest what it was. Just keeps that 2016 Steam rolling right into 2017!


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