Cheeseknuckles Reader Spelling Challenge For A Chance At $100!

Here at Cheeseknuckles we don’t necessarily stress proper grammar and typos are a regular occurrence. But shit, what do you expect? We aren’t full time, we don’t have an editor, and we can’t afford any proper help. I also type an article while multi tasking a million other things. Plus Buzzfeed recently published an entirely fake story… so are we that terrible?



So with that, for 2017 here’s the readers challenge. If you can spot a typo in any of our articles please email that error to

  1. Include the Article Title
  2. Where the error has occurred
  3. Also include your name and a legit return email to respond, or a phone number if you’re a hot babe.

You can apply more than once by finding multiple errors. Also, errors do not include our super cool slang terms. I’m talking about errors like “I dug a whole to bury Uncle Stink” instead of “I dug a hole to bury Uncle Stink” sort of shit. I also don’t care about commas and stuff. To do our part we won’t fix anything throughout the day unless its pointed out by a reader.

On the last day, February 28th 2017 we’ll take all the names from those submissions and draw a winner who will get a $100 gift card, check, or cash. Whatever works…

PS: This article does not count. It start immediately after I post this. We also have final say on submissions and everything else included in this contest so deal with it.

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