Lululemon Mocks Woman & Has An Elite Standard To Uphold

A Las Vegas woman says she was left devastated after staff at a retail Lululemon store mocked her for her weight – despite her recently slimmed down figure.

Heather Albert was travelling to Park City in Utah for a work trip when her fiancee told her to get herself something from the city’s retail store. 

The workout gear was a new luxury for the 35-year-old, who had recently dropped 80 pounds (36 kilos) through weight loss surgery and hard work.

Despite her initial excitement at checking out the store, she claims two staff members in the store made no effort to hide their rude remarks.

I was the recent recipient of my second pair of Lululemon panties/boxers and they are incredible. (Also $35+) I also have a pair of sweatpants that I wear nightly & daily & all the time. So, to say it takes an elite human being to wear this stuff is obvious. I have no issue with Lululemon employees laughing at anyone unfit for their product. This is high class material and they have a high class image to uphold. If just anyone is allowed to wear this stuff it will lose it’s mystique. They also won’t be able to overly charge. I only own two boxers and one pair of sweatpants because its expensive as hell.

Hours after she had attended a work event, the experience was still upsetting her. She revealed she had returned to her hotel room and proceeded to cry in the shower.

Keep working, Heather. Right now you will be accepted by Nike or Adidas but you have to earn your right to join the elite Lululemon wearing crowd. No tears will automatically make that happen.



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