Professional Golfers Make Serious Money Ahead Of 2017- Rory & Palmer Lead The Way

What a life! As the brilliant Uncle Stink says – Travel to luxurious golf courses, play golf, and cash in on endorsements. I really wish that was an obtainable lifestyle for me… well it’s not, because you aren’t good enough. Not even close. Although he did win a title at the local course. Champs.

Just look at last years income for golfers. These figures are for both on and off the course.


Of interesting note – Arnold Palmer made $40 million despite dying. And Tiger Woods only made $107,000 on the course. So basically all of his 34 million came from endorsements like Nike, Omega, Bose and Electronic Arts. Damn, it must be amazing to suck at your job and still make $30 million plus.

Lydia Ko, the woman’s world number 1, is the only female on the list but she still made $5,941,642 for the year..

So between that income and watching Riki Fowler’s spring break videos, it’s safe to say they live better than any of us.



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  1. where do we go to play in our bathing suits?


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