Rick Muntz – “I Could Have 6 Pack Abs In 1 Week” Well Rick Talks cheap lets see it

About 2 weeks ago on a gloomy Saturday afternoon “Big Dick Rick Muntz” was running his trap once again. This time Rick wasn’t only blabbing on about his enormous Rig and unmatched halo skills, but he now brought his body into the conversation. Kids got some nerve

RickYou Guy’s!!! That’s the great thing about my body I could get cut in a week, I bet you it would only take me 1 week to have 6 pack abs.”

Oh really Rick well let’s see it. I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is and attempt this challenge. If you accept this challenge you will be closely monitored by “The Nest” for illegal use of PED’s and Belichick Brady type shenanigans. We will also need to see a before and after picture of those abs. “Your move Big Dick Rick” and go fuck yourself.




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