Super Bowl Sunday Funday is bout to be, as the kids say, LIT! We’re throwing a party, c’mon over knuckleheads…

This year, Super Bowl LI or 51 for those who don’t typically use Roman numerals, is being held in Houston, Texas but we’ll be holding it down deep in the Nest. We had people over last year and it was one helluva time. When I asked the boys last night when the big game was, Rick Muntz was “Johnny on the Spot” with the date, February 5th. with it quickly approaching in about 2 weeks we’re amped and pleased to announce that we will be having people over to join us in our typical Sunday activity, pounding pilsners!

As of right now we’re still looking for our conference champions with the match-ups of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. The New England Patriots in the AFC and the Atlanta Falcons vs. the Green Bay Packers in the NFC. At the helm of the teams, are arguably 4 of the greatest QB’s in the league. Matty “Ice” Ryan, being the weakest of the 4 names. Those games are  being played this Sunday and will make fora great Superbowl Sunday match-up no matter who comes out alive this weekend. Ted has placed one bet a few weeks back that the Atlanta Falcons will win the whole damn thing, low risk, high reward. A lot of money will be thrown around on Superbowl Sunday as you can bet on literally anything and everything. The “prop bets” are incredible, half of them are before the game even starts such as:

  • How long will it take to finish the National Anthem? Over/Under 2 Minutes?
  • Coin Flip: Heads or Tails?
  • How many times will Roger Gooddell be shown?
  • Will a specific player be shown crying?
  • How many times will they show Giselle in the press box before half?
  • Plus, many, many more…

Then they cut into the actual game:

  • 1st play: Pass or Run?
  • 1st play: First down?
  • 1st play: Interception?
  • First Team to Score?
  • First Score: Touchdown, Field Goal, or a safety?
  • Who will be named MVP?
  • How many yards will a specific quarterback throw for?
  • How many yards will a specific running back rush for?

Some of the more standard bets:

  • Who will win?
  • Over/Under for total points score.

Last year this is where we had the most fun, betting on all this odd ball shit and we got quite a few right and we’re all cheering before kick off… We have every intention of betting on anything we can. It’s fun to bet as a group because it helps boost the camaraderie among the party. Ted explains this all in Group Betting is the Best Betting.

As for the party, we’ll have the traditional Busch light flowing but we dip into the bourbon and wine while enjoying numerous dips and phenomenal finger foods. My mouth is watering just thinking of all the delicious treats we’ll have. A wise friend of mine taught me a dip recipe that I’ll be cookin’ up:

winston.gifKaiser’s Sausage Dip
2 things of sausage
2 things of Rotel Chilies
2 things of cream cheese
*Yes, these are the exact measurements he gave me*
Brown the meat, add cream cheese and chilis, bada bing, bada boom bitches! We eatin’!

Since none of our teams will actually be in the Superbowl it’s important to not get to hung up on the game. So come kick back, relax, and chug some brewskis with us in a couple weeks.

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