Former Browns Are Super Bowl Bound!

Five former Browns players are on the rosters of Atlanta and New England, which is tied for the highest in the league…

In the least shocking news of the day. Every fucking thing they do is pathetic and the evidence is always available to support their failures. From team management, to uniform design, to quarterback decisions, it’s all a joke. The greatest moment in the career of any Browns player is the exact moment he gets to leave. Just endless possibilities are made available as the good lord blesses a player with a new lease on life.

Upon hearing the Browns released you or traded you. Tears of joy!


Oh, and don’t forget that Bill Belichick, the greatest coach of all-time once coached the Browns as well.

The five players are RB Dion Lewis, defensive lineman Jabaal Sheard and linebacker Barkevious Mingo of New England. For Atlanta its receiver Taylor Gabriel and center Alex Mack. And don’t forget about the time the Browns passed on super freak Julio Jones in 2011. Thankfully for him the Browns skipped or he would probably be out of the league and in rehab for some substance abuse issues. Instead he’s now doing this.

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