Tom Brady Is Incredible & My Bet Survives

We hit the slopes last week so the writing was minimal. And to say I’m fit to contribute today would be a total lie. My legs are shot and the steam is low.

With that I did get to witness the most handsome and incredible QB to ever play the game shred the Steelers like a surgeon last night. At this point anyone that doubts Brady, Belichick, and the Pats is just a total idiot. All three are winners and Brady is as driven a son of a bitch as I’ve ever seen. He’s out for blood, and that blood comes from Goodell…Which terrifies me for the Super Bowl. It’s also hilarious to see Brady turn MAC and D2 wide receivers like Hogan (a former lacrosse player) or Julian Edelman (A former MAC Qb) into Pro Bowlers.


If you read, prior to the Playoffs I placed 3 bets on the Lions, Packers, or Falcons to win the Super Bowl. And sure the Falcons looked great, but my bet hinges on Tom Brady losing, which seems impossible at this point. I’m also torn for the big game. Sure, I would love to win money, but I would also love to see TB12 win another title and raise the trophy while smiling right into Goodell’s cold dark eyes.

Next Sunday is going to be a real emotional roller coasters. I’ll have to drink a ton of beers to cope with it.

My bet is dead. No chance.


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