BGSU Student Fooled By Lab Cover

I’m a proud BGSU alumnus. Those were easily the best 4 years of my life, so this story naturally made its way through my newsfeed. Apparently a nervous and concerned student “saw” the KKK assembling in a classroom so she took it upon herself to rush to social media and blast the University President and Community before clarifying any of the facts. While I have no problem with her addressing her fears, as she should, she could have done so more responsibly by meeting with the school quietly before ultimately pushing this story viral. Presenting a picture to the administration would have allowed time for clarity.

And after a review, if it was in fact the KKK, I would have no problem with her spreading awareness. Hell, many people would probably help… Instead, as is common practice, she ran to social media prematurely and started blasting President Mazey. These days it seems like everyone is searching for their moment of social outrage and it’s not helping to unify anything. Below is the thread of pics and the response from BGSU.


To her credit Autum did retweet the President’s response but blasted  Mazey’s ass with “even tho the hate group still exists in BG” but what evidence leads her to believe this is true? A piece of lab equipment? She just couldn’t wait for Mazey’s response and prematurely flooded her timeline prior to knowing the details with all of these tweets below.


In the end it was thankfully nothing more than educational equipment. Although I do think she needs to slow down and gather the information before rushing to a public forum. If BGSU was uncooperative after a meeting then ridicule them all you want, but give them a chance first. It’s either that that or innocent white weddings are going to start getting blasted left and right.


2 thoughts on “BGSU Student Fooled By Lab Cover

  1. 2017 is off to a HOT start. Zero chill. People are so quick to spout off without gathering facts. She now looks like a dumbass but has to defend herself with a “even tho the hate group still exist in BG…”. She’s falcon crazy.

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