Is Being The President Really All That Hard? I Have My Doubts Based On These Pictures

Below is a shot of Trump’s desk vs. mine – You tell me who has more on their plate?


Also notice the website on my screen! Trump has a big ass desk that is awkwardly shaped and very impractical. Besides, he has two phones and nothing else. Not even post it notes or highlighters! Meanwhile I have scissors, coffee mugs, TWO screens, proposals, a calculator, an extra mug on the floor, and a longer desk than even he commands. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case then my job is a thousand times more stressful and demanding than the President. From that aerial shot it doesn’t look like he has anything to do at all. Just sign what’s handed to him and occasionally pledge the top of that shiny wood top. Sign me up to lead the free world.


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