Lebron & The Cavs Are Throwing Me Off

Regular season NBA loses for top teams have never worried me as they are essentially nothing more than exhibition games. I would typically shrug off a streak of bad luck and continue eating pizza and drinking beer in total relaxation.

However, that changed when my hero, Lebron Raymone James, made a few comments about the Cavs recent shit performances and also said “We need a fucking playmaker”. The Cavs have lost 6 of the last 8 games and the last time LeBron lost 6 of 8 games was March of 2011.


Those comments caught my attention and I’m no longer cool as a cucumber which sucks. I’ve always viewed the NBA regular season as theatre, performance, and pure entertainment. I prefer minimal defense, dunks, threes, and dancing. I enjoy travelling, showboating, and flair. But suddenly Lebron has rattled my very understanding of the regular season and I might have to reconsider my approach.

So with that I’m worried and “We need a fucking playmaker” – Ted. I also hope the locker room will change their approach because the last 8 games they are 23rd in the NBA in turnovers averaging 15.1, and they are 27th in free throw percentage shooting below 70% as a team. The defense hasn’t been stellar either. Sure it’s been played like I prefer, but that’s not positive for winning.

PS: Reports of fighting between K. Love and Lebron have surfaced which is great news. We saw what happened last year in chaos. Three straight wins and a title. Not to mention they have this guy…


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