Rick Muntz Has Accepted The 6 pack Abs In 1 Week Challenge

That’s right Big Dick Rick has accepted my challenge Rick Muntz – “I Could Have 6 Pack Abs In 1 Week” Well Rick Talks cheap let’s see it. He is finally gunna put his money where his Rig is and show out. The challenge begins Monday January 30th and will conclude Monday February 6th.


  • Every day we will take a picture of Rick’s Rock hard body to see the progression his abs have made. We will post every pic and show the Twitter world what a real man looks like.
  • We will document and report all Big Dick Rick’s workout activities, and daily diet at the end of each day Via Twitter
  • No PED’s, garbage bags, air brushing, or Electrical Muscle Stimulating technology (EMS) will be aloud.
  • If Big Dick Rick succeeds in achieving 6 pack abs in one week we will believe everything BDR says from here on out, regardless of how insane or ridiculous it might be. Each Cheeseknuckles employee will also write an article about how great, funny, smart, handsome, and hung BDR really is.

God speed Rick, hang strong and true.

BTW that’s my Notre Dame painting right by Big Dick Rick’s bulging right tricep.

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