Vince Carter’s dusty old ass still got it!

Vince Carter aka VC aka Air Canada still has it baby! The dude is 40 years old and has played in the NBA for almost 20 years… Known for his electric dunks and incredible hops he’s losing a step these days but still surprises us once in awhile. Here he is last night taking it to his old team the Toronto Raptors witha 360 Lay-up…Like I said he’s losing a step, it’s not a dunk but its still pretty damn impressive.

Pay attention to the audio, you can hear him grunting as if he’s a fat ass leaning up out of a recliner to fetch another brewski. Good for you Vince! Keep on killin’ playboy! One last clip of what he used to do, his top 10 dunks of all time.

I apologize for this shit quality… I didn’t clip the shit myself.

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