Indy 500 Snake Pit Line Up released…WOOOOOOO!

That’s right baby! We’re basically already through the month of January so that means 4 short months till Memorial day aka the annual Indy 500 Trip. Just 3 days ago, I’ll admit we’re late to the party this time on the release of the Snake Pit line-up. With last year being the  100th running they went pretty damn hard but I believe this line-up is a nice follow up…

Our Boy Ric Flair aka The Nature Boy is going to be on the mic as MC for the concert bringing out each act. This dude must be short on cash as he can barely yell out the classic WOOOOOOOOO! anymore. I still love the guy so I might need to get myself a nature boy cut off tee for the concert. But I think we can all agree ZEDD is probably the biggest name for this line up but I’ve heard shit from Marshmello and Action Bronson. This gives you guys enough time to get familiar with the other DJ’s or acts. I can tell you guys this, the boys are juiced and ready to go when it comes to the pit. What an incredible time to be alive!


Here’s the latest release from ZEDD Feat. Aloe Black “Candy Man”. Its a new twist on the Old Sammy Davis Jr. song that was featured in the original Willy Wonka.


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