Ohio Police Let A Terminally Ill Girl Fire A Taser At Them

Police help terminally ill girl, 16, check off a bucket list item… by letting her fire a taser at police officers.

Awesome gesture from the great state of Ohio, the police, and one incredible bucket list idea from a girl with a hell of an outlook on life.

A terminally ill teen has fulfilled her dying wish of firing a Taser at a willing person weeks after she drew up a bucket list of things she would like to do before she passes away. 

Alyssa Elkins, 16, is suffering from leukemia and decided not to go through with a second round of treatment to spend more time with her family. 

And the young woman from Morgan County in Ohio decided that firing a taser at a police officer volunteer was one of the things she most wanted to do after doctors gave her between one to six months to live earlier this month.

I’d gladly take that taser for her. Cancer sucks and this is a shitty scenario but her optimism is suitable for this Monday. It really puts things into perspective. Credit to Alyssa.

Her bucket list also included petting a miniature pig which came along to the taser firing with her.

Speaking on the day Alyssa said: ‘God loves everybody and he’s for us and not against us. He puts us through trials,’ she said. ‘In the end, I’m not really scared. If he takes me, I know where I’m going.’ – That right there is a strong person…



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