Rick Muntz 6 Pack Abs In One Week – Day 1 Photos

As we said in this article, Rick Muntz outlandishly claims that he can have 6 pack abs in 1 week. Because in his own words “my body is incredible like that.” Due to that we challenged him and he accepted. (I give him credit for taking on the challenge)

So, as we promised, day one is here and these are the first photos. (That body is something else) At the end of the week we will provide after photos of his “progress.”

I don’t expect much though. Rick ate Taco Bell for lunch and right before these pictures he showed up with carry-out. And guess what was in it? More god damn tacos. I haven’t seen him do anything except lay on a mattress and eat tacos so far.



Also, a shout out to the BGSU Falcons. I’m sure they’re proud to be the back drop of this physical specimen. Oh, we also took some action shots for good measure.


Pure sex appeal, ladies. My god. Like I said… The porn career would be a home run for this stunner. He also looks shockingly similar to Bill Murray in Osmosis Jones.


Or the aliens in Men in Black… Either way, lets hope these abs pop out soon for his own sake.



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