Is Lane Kiffin fired up for next season? What a motivator! PSYCH!

As you may or may not know, Lane Kiffin is giving head coaching another go, as he settles into Florida Atlantic University. FAU’s media crew really dropped the ball on the National signing day video featuring Kiffin. He did everything but yawn in this promo video. This shit may not have you rolling on the floor in laughter but holy hell this has to be a joke. I want whatever prescription drugs he’s on because he looks relaxed as hell. He had to have had a xanax before this shoot. I just spit everywhere, busting out in laughter after watching this clip for the 3rd time. He just looks so awkward… He looks like Saban just grounded his ass and has to do chores before he’s allowed to go out and play with his friends again.

How calming is that music too?! They must have stolen the guy who does the musical scores for PGA tournaments on TV.


Go Owls? With that hand gesture?! This shit is gold..

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