Papa & “Ganpa Park”

Sorry, Knuckleheads. We haven't been posting and won't be posting for the start of this week... Unfortunately, late last week my Grandpa passed away surrounded by family and the next two days will be spent honoring his life. For J-Hoe, myself, and dozens of High School buddies,  Papa was more than a Grandpa, he was just... Continue Reading →


Draymond Green needs a leave of absence or new sport: Soccer or Kick Boxing? Dumb Ass…

This mother fucker is back at it again. First off, he started shit with Paul Pierce while Pierce was on the bench at the time. How is a guy supposed to jawback from the bench, pussy move by Green there. Draymond is an absolute douche bag, I can't stand this dude any longer. This is... Continue Reading →

Bat Flip Friday

It's finally Friday and the boss is stressing the importance of hard work and overtime. On and on he goes until he looks you dead in the eyes and says, "you need to come in tomorrow." Without hesitation you throw the bird, pop up, and leave not a second after the 5:00 bell rings. Not... Continue Reading →

Sexy Grams – Selena Gomez

You are welcome TED Continue Reading →

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