Hooters now presents Hoots! Dudes will be waiters? What the hell is this?


As if there weren’t enough chicken joints up and down the streets, Hooters is changing the game? No, not at all… There essentially opening their own rendition of a Chipotle or Subway. You walk up to the counter walk through line assembling the food that you want in front of your very own eyes. For people who want their shitty ass food and beers and they want it NOW! The sign outside hits you with three things listed that they will serve: Wings. Shrimp. Bar. For some reason when I read the word shrimp on a sign of a fast food restaurant it sounds disgusting to me. Now Ted loves shrimp so he might feel just the opposite. I’ve never cared for Hooters in the first place but I know J-Hoe loves the Hooter’s establishment in Mexico, for one simple reason, they serve Bud Light.

They will be hiring male as well as female waiters/waitresses and will shy away from the traditional tight white tank tops and orange booty shorts. Sorry ladies, no banana hammocks for you to gaze at while grease runs down off your face from stuffing the garbage wings down your what would have been eager mouths. I think this is a horrible idea but who knows. The first shop will open doors in Cicero, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, in February. Feel free to stop in you filthy animals.

Here’s some picts of girls from the original Hooter’s restaurants to get you through your afternoon. I will add that the girls from Michigan aren’t half bad and why are these dudes asking the girls to take a picture with them?

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2 thoughts on “Hooters now presents Hoots! Dudes will be waiters? What the hell is this?

  1. The girls from Michigan are rough Col. Does that count as an error that I can submit for your contest?


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