Life Is All Relative To Expectations – Coach Harbaugh Follow Up

So yesterday I wrote this little gem about Coach Harbaugh and how I believe his first two years at Michigan have been perceived better than the reality. And I specifically think last year fell short of what should be Michigan’s expectations. And while I can admit that I might have jumped the gun being it’s only his second year, I still believe more should have been achieved.

As a result a few of my friends blasted me. They accused me of being a “fake story artist,” (a true compliment) and the general consensus was that I’m a dumbass. And while that might be true, I find it interesting that two of the people started their attack before ever READING my golden piece. With quivering hands and lips of rage they put words in my mouth that were never said. Though I shouldn’t find that surprising since tons of people form opinions based on headlines in 2017.

So with that let me clarify some of my beliefs. I believe that life is all about keeping things relative to expectations.

If a salesman in a thriving industry has an annual goal of making $200,000 but only reaches $100,000 than he failed his expectations. However, if another salesman in a lesser industry has a goal of making $50,000 but reaches $100,000 then he succeeded and exceeded his expectations.

In 2015 when Ohio State lost ONE game and failed to win the Big Ten Championship or reach the playoffs many in their fan base viewed the season as a disappointing failure. If Bama loses a National Title they also view the season as a failure. And why do you think those programs dominate year in and year out? Because relative to their programs they have the highest expectations and never waver from those demands. On the other hand, if a school like BGSU, Purdue, or Illinois manage to pop off 10+ wins I would consider that a positive season and an overall success.

I believe that all true Blue Blood programs – Notre Dame, USC, Ohio State, Michigan, Bama, Oklahoma, Texas (just to name a few) should demand a conference title or a playoff birth if they are primed for a run with a dominate roster. When the playoffs were formed the game changed. That’s the goal, that’s the prize, and those should be the expectations. Sure you might have the occasional rebuilding season sprinkled in, but when you start ranked high, you better achieve one of those two goals at the very least.

If 10 wins but no division title, no conference title, no playoff birth, no bowl win, and a loss to Ohio State,  despite starting the season ranked in the top 10 are the new expectations at Michigan than they are lower than I thought.

“Maybe it will motivate us. Maybe it will make us work harder. Maybe it will make us better this season. We got to do more, we got to get over the top.”  – Harbaugh on the 2016 season. Oh, and he is an elite coach. Just needs to take the next big step.

But you don’t need to take my word for it. Just ask Bo…

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