Rick Muntz 6 Pack Abs In A Week – Day Two Overview

Yesterday was day two of Rick’s chase for six pack abs in a week. I’m no trainer or exercise instructor but I don’t think he’s taking the right steps to achieve his goal. I text him to give me an overview of his eating habits and training routine and this is word for word what I got back…

“I had chili at work then buffalo chicken salad at home and I worked out yes I speed walked for 15 min then ran 10. Did 50 push up and 50 crunches.”

“You want me to take a photo now and send it too you”

“I sat in the hot tub also for like 30 mins” – Rick Muntz

Please note: Those quotes are exempt from the spelling challenge.

Below is a picture of his progress. It’s a selfie because Rick is at home. He took the day off because I’m sure he’s exhausted. The working man is the backbone of America and Rick is just the man we need so the rest will keep him primed and effective. I also wonder if he took the day off to chisel his bod? If so, that is true devotion.

And my god, Rick!…Thanks for the #Rigshot – You animal! Questionably NSFW. I can see right where they snipped your cock head as a baby! We usually focus on the ladies at this site, you sicko. I do see some definition on the abs forming.


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