Harry Hogge From “Days Of Thunder” Appears To Be The Fastest Man Alive

Days of Thunder – An incredible movie that I rank in my top 5 of all-time. So last night while laying around it was on Freeform (Gayest name ever) and of course I decided to watch it for the 1,234th time. And once again, it was sensational.

Now I could talk about the perfect cinematography, the superb acting, Tom Cruises thick flowing hair, or the down right perfect soundtrack… but no, this is about Harry sprinting in the final scene. Below is the clip I’m talking about. It is astonishing to see how fucking fast a man in his 60’s appears to be trucking it…

The form, the high knees, the pumping arms, and of course the heavy belly to carry his momentum. Sure Rick Muntz claims he can run a 4.2/40 which is total bullshit. But I wouldn’t be shocked if Harry does.

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