Random Butt Crack Hairs Are Sensational

I’m really going to dive into this one with some honest to god truth. And though I’m saying it, I’m sure most of you have experienced the always incredible, sensational, and goosebump raising long hair pulled out of the butt crack…

Now this phenomenon doesn’t happen often. It’s as rare as a shooting star but when it does, boy do I embrace the opportunity. Last night I came across my second hair in less than a month which is like hitting the mega lotto for butt crack hair standards. I slowly crept this thing out like a clown pulling the never ending handkerchief with a smile.

I even told Uncle Stink “you need to get a gf just based on getting their hairs caught in your crack.” (Stink has had this happen before, during his long hair days, and he agrees that it’s a guilty pleasureThe problem is us men don’t experience this often as the hairs on our heads are typically too short. But fortunately for me, I have a significant other that unknowingly tickles my ass crack from time to time with hairs left on the shower towel. To her I say “Thank you.” You’re gesture is noticed even though you aren’t aware you’re doing it. I truly appreciate the random surprise and keep them coming.

It’s almost like cranking on the string to start up a mower and as you pull remember to pause in the middle and enjoy the moment. Life is too short not to appreciate the random, weird, and guilty sensation that a butt crack hair provides.

PS: Are there any salons giving out hair? Asking for a friend…

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