GQ gives President Trump that desperation makeover he needs! C’mon bro

We as Americans may not all agree on President Trump’s actions or his character. He’s caused quite an uproar already within the first couple weeks of him being in office. I’m not much for politics, so I hope he does well while in office. I think there is one thing that we all can agree on, the dude needs a makeover and if you disagree you’re fucking idiot! I believe that wholeheartedly, you tell me he looks fine I’ll laugh in your fucking face. He looks like Biff Tannen from “Back to the Future”.


The people over at GQ aka Gentlemen’s Quarterly did us all a favor and led the way by photoshopping what Trump adjustments he should make to look more presidential or human for Christ sake. The fucking carrot needs help in a major way. One thing I will also say, is start smiling more, it looks like your pouting because you’re not getting what you want… “Mom! where’s my fucking ice cream?!”

I know he’s our President already but I would take his ass a little more serious if he cleaned himself up. Let me add, I’m not just bashing him. I used to make fun of Obama for wearing pants while playing basketball. I mean really? Pants bro? Get your shit together! Barack also looked like a huge nerd on the links too.bo1

Nerd Alert!


This seems to be a consistent pose as he misses the putt I’m guessing…

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