I Shot Uncle Stink In The Ass With A Machine Gun

That’s right. Around the third quarter of the Super Bowl we were riding high. Everyone had their money safely locked with an Atlanta win. We were shaking hands, rubbing elbows, kissing babies and shooting Uncle Stink in the ass for shits and giggles while numb on Busch Light. Basically life was perfect…

Unfortunately everything changed super fast and I still don’t really remember how it happened. I looked up and The Pats were scoring a 2 point conversion for the tie. The only joy I have left is this video.

When the dust settled Uncle Stink was bleeding from his butt cheeks. I guess it’s also very difficult to sit down today. So Tom Brady and Belichick pummeled his ass while I lit it up with an M-16 prototype heavy arms machine gun. Sounds like an average Super Bowl event.

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