Danica Patrick Short 15 Million For Nascar Season

Patrick has been left in the lurch by her primary sponsor, Nature’s Bakery. The company, based in Nevada and specializing in healthy products like fig bars, is reneging on its NASCAR Monster Energy Cup sponsorship deal with Patrick, who drives for Stewart-Haas Racing.

Nature’s Bakery claims that Patrick was in breach of contract for promoting competing products. Stewart-Haas Racing has sued Nature’s Bakery for breach of contract.

It’s a prickly situation for all involved. But the most pressing issue is how will Patrick cobble together enough sponsorship dollars for the entire 36-race Cup season?

Nature Bakery’s sponsorship included at least 20 races this season. Do the math. Not good. Via MSN

As many know, I’m a huge Danica fan. From the moment I saw her take the track at my first Indy 500 nearly 7 years ago I was in love. The chick drives with passion, heart, and fearlessness in a sport dominated by men. I was so impressed that I ended up regrettably spending $60.00 on posters at her “fan boy” truck. So obviously this is one of those instances that if I had 15 million dollars just laying around I would personally sponsor her. It would be nothing more than my smiling mug on the hood but man would that be a thrill of a lifetime.

My selected hood image zooming around the track:


I’m also not surprised by a breach of contract here. Danica has really become obsessed with working out and I could see her accidentally promoting another form of health bar. She’s always on Instagram posting videos and advertising workout products. PS: Many of her other posts are very sexual in nature. Scroll through the link if you don’t believe me…

On top of that, she simply sucks on the NASCAR circuit so who would spot her 15 million dollars? Well, other than a fanatic like myself… I believe it’s time Danica returns to Indy car racing since those are her roots. As the great Rowdy Burns says: Now go get your own car and we’ll see how you do in a crowd. For Danica, she has found out there’s nothing stock about a stock car.

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