Obama Is Having A Pretty Good Time Post Presidency

The faces of a man totally free and relaxed. God damn – I can’t even begin to imagine the feeling of total burden being removed from your shoulders. Hell, I think his hair is actually reversing the gray and turning darker.

If this was a Photo Shoot this would be the  “Not my fucking problem” pose.


This would be the “If you did this two weeks ago you would be dead” pose.


This would be the “Shit, life is relaxing” pose *While he’s probably carefree ripping ass right here as well.* Dude has been holding them tight for 8 years straight.


And the “This is so much easier than the past 8 years” pose.


Not a bad life. Secret service still around. Financial stability, fame, and done with a job while hanging out with billionaire Richard Branson at his private islands.

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