The 90 Second Cold Morning Shower Experiment

Yesterday I read about a 90 second shower routine sure to make your day better. This 90 second trick says it will help to boost your energy and keep you awake all day and the secret depends on the temperature of your shower.

According to the experts, warm water actually helps to send you to sleep and the drastic temperature drop when you get back out can cause an even sleepier state.

Instead, try blasting yourself with cold water for 30 seconds, followed by hot water for 30 seconds and freezing water again for 30 seconds. It will help open up capillaries and boost levels of circulation – which in turn helps to stimulate your body and mind. The technique is also handy for reducing your stress levels because it builds up your “tolerance levels”.

So naturally I decided to give this a try. At moments it was miserable but the end results are incredible. I feel like a new man eager to take on the day. I would recommend everyone giving it a try with two real concerns men might want to consider.

The two points of trouble were:

  1. During the cold I couldn’t catch my breath. I looked like a little kid crying so hard they keep gasping for air. Or someone that just had the wind knocked out of them. If you have heart issues avoid this morning routine.
  2. The other startling part was my penis. This was certainly designed for women because my dick was, and is still not having it. Us men come in a package (literally) and my nether partner couldn’t make sense of the cold changes. He looked like a scared turtle or an accordion while expanding and contracting every 30 seconds. If he could talk he would have been screaming for an explanation. Hell, it’s been an hour since my shower and he’s still trying to wake up. So while my mind and body feel ready, my dick is not… Keep that in mind when you to try this. I’m also slightly shaken up because I frankly didn’t think it could get that small. Though it doesn’t seem to be permanent.

For you ladies – You have nothing to lose (That I can think of). Unless there’s something I’m not covering. Like permanent THO. Other than that give this a try. The results are great.

Live look at my poor rig:





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