Cherry Picking Turd LaMelo Ball Scores 92 points (play some defense dickhead)


92 points ya ya ya whatever, nobody gives 2 shits when you’re playing lazy I mean no defense and cherry picking the whole game.  Loyal Knucklehead “Mr. Reproduce” said it perfect

“Bruh, I just watch a video from this game, that was on him only. This dude never got back to play defense, cherry-picked most of the game. Which led to easy uncontested lay-ups. In hockey, he would of been off-sides and play whistled dead! HAHA. And if you’re dropping 92, you better be winning by more than 26.

Now get off my damn lawn……”

Hot damn this^ pisses me right off. It’s the same thing over and over, Ball lays it up, falls into the wall, and waddles/bobbleheads his way back to half court. If I were his coach I would have his ass on the bench “Bobby Knight” style.

I tell you what you little twerp this ball might work vs these push over teams, but the party is over when the big boys show up. Now get off my damn lawn!!!

“Screw defense, screw the rest of the team I gotta get my buckets”

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