LaMelo Ball is just like another Melo, pass the rock punkass…

You may know this kid, LaMelo Ball, a UCLA Men’s Basketball commit from the video of him pointing at the half court line and heaving up and making the 3 point attempt in a game. Which inspired all sorts of other losers to toss them up.

I mean this dude is Steph Curry Jr. He can light it up but does anything wrong like getting his shit blocked, to erase people’s memories he has to showboat once more…

Well this little shithead scored 92 points last night. Which I would like to say is impressive. They won the game 146-120 which makes me wonder…how many points did his ass give up. That’s a high school game where they play 8 minutes quarters. Not a whole lot of defense in that game huh?! Pass the rock, shit head. I will say his 2 point shooting percentage was 72% which I’m guessing were a bunch of easy ass layups. he shot 31% from 3. Give me a break bro… I’m not saying you’re a poor player, you’re a helluva baller. Just pass the rock, get everyone involved. In a game like that you should be developing your all around game. Like a cleaner looking jumper…jesus is it ugly. The most pathetic part of this blogspot, I’m shitting on a sophomore in high school. He doesn’t go to UCLA until 2019… My god.

Here’s the stats for LaMelo’s squad.

Lamelo Stat line.jpg

The rest of his team for 29 shots while he shot it 53 times himself. Almost double what the rest of the team attempted. Cool Kid, real cool…And yes, I know this was on Barstool but this shit infuriates me, so I had to give my piece on this.

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  1. Bruh, I just watch a video from this game, that was on him only. This dude never got back to play defense, cherry-picked most of the game. Which led to easy uncontested lay-ups. In hockey, he would of been off-sides and play whistled dead! HAHA. And if you’re dropping 92, you better be winning by more than 26.

    Now get off my damn lawn……

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