The More You Know – Dogs

Dogs’ sense of smell is about 100,000 times stronger than humans’, but they have just one-sixth our number of taste buds.

This has always confused me. If a dog’s sense of smell is so strong than how are they able to casually sniff ass or shit with a blank face or even excitement? My god. One would think it’s impossible. I can understand them eating shit if their taste buds are 1/6th ours but sniffing a fart, shit, or butt? Makes zero sense with a powerful sensitive nose.

  • Lord help me around Uncle Stink if my sense of smell was 100,000X stronger.

Stink also claims that male dogs can smell a female dog in heat up to 5 miles. I didn’t fact check so just take his word for it. Not sure if he thinks he’s the next Steve Irwin…

Side note: J-Hoe has the most sensitive nose man kind has ever seen. Dude smells everything. Terrible mix considering him and Uncle Stink share a place together. Constant complaining.



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